Hello There

I am Michael Seuffert and here are some destinations in my life:

  • Giessen, Germany
  • Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Houston, Texas

My hobbies are photography, soccer and tennis. I enjoy motorcycling, travel and I very much care for animals and the environment.


This Site

I have moved away from most social media platforms. They have been hacked and have shared my personal data for a dime. I want control over what I want to share.

I am using Project Seven Dreamweaver extensions which makes it quite easy to set up and maintain the site.

Most of the content here are photos from my travels.


Getting a bit wider as I get older.



Houston Zoo

2015 02 21 Zoo 006.JPG


Zoo Membership

In February 2015 I started a membership with the Houston Zoo which will allow me to exercise my bad knees by walking in an environment that has some entertainment value and ambiance. I will also be able to keep up with one of my hobbies, taking photos.

While I am very conflicted about keeping animals in captivity, the times where zoos were stocked by raping the wilderness seem to have mostly passed. Zoos now may be the last hope for some of our endangered species.

Zoos that still capture animals in the wild need to stop this practice.

About the Houston Zoo

  1. Visit the Houston Zoo Website
  2. Zoo Membership - A membership is only $69 for unlimited visits including a guest.

What does Peta think?

PETA opposes zoos because cages and cramped enclosures at zoos deprive animals of the opportunity to satisfy their most basic needs. The zoo community regards the animals it keeps as commodities, and animals are regularly bought, sold, borrowed, and traded without any regard for established relationships. Zoos breed animals because the presence of babies draws zoo visitors and boosts revenue. But the animals’ fate is often bleak once they outgrow their “cuteness.” And some zoos still import animals from the wild.

France, many trips...

2008 Day 05 Saint Tropez MIK 022.jpg


Côte d'Azur

Also known as the French Riviera, I returned there with my daughter in 2007 for a one week stay in Nice. I had last been there in 1978 for a two week camping trip with friends.

Between 2007 and 2011 this became our to go place and we spent four summer vacations in Cavalaire sur Mer which is central to many fabulous short day trips.

Have looked at some rentals there recently (10/2019) and am shocked at how much they have increased in price. Will need to research some more because I do want to return.

About the Côte d'Azur

  • So much to see
  • Great Food, Wine, Olives
  • Love the Mediterranean beaches and water
  • The weather is always nice in the summer
  • Can be expensive
  • The French are not rude!

While I have not been there since 2011 I will surely return. This is a great place to visit if you can handle the tourists.

Virgin Islands

2012 06 28 Saint Thomas 11.jpg


Vacation in St. Thomas

In July 2012 I joined my brother and his family for a two week trip to the US Virgin Islands.

During our visit we stayed on St. Thomas most of the time but did venture to St. John a few times as well as the British Virgin Islands.

About St. Thomas

  • Wonderful beaches
  • Cheap and good rum
  • Expensive US groceries
  • Dirty inland
  • Unfriendly population except in expensive tourist areas

While this may sound a bit negative, the beaches made up for most everything. I had a great time with my family.

Southern Italy - Amalfi Coast, Cilento

Vacation 2013 Day 01 Pompei 003.JPG


Campania, Cilento Region

Been in the Cilento region four times since 2013, visiting here with family and friends. My to go place here has been Castellabate, about a two hour drive south of Naples. This area had not been overrun with tourists but this is slowly changing. While still not extremely crowded signs of more tourism are slowly creeping in. The prices in the grocery stores are going up, parking is more difficult to find and not free anymore, you may need to make reservaations even in some of the less known restaurants. Still, Castellabate, is worth staying in.

From here you can take a boat to the Amalfi Coast and Capri for a day trip. The inland region is also very nice. I love visiting the Gole del Caloore, an ice cold water hole about 90 minute drive away.

About Castellabate

Castellabate is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy.

  • South of Salerno is not overun by tourists
  • If in Castellabate I highly recommend booking a tour with Nicola and Masaniello Tourist.
  • Fantastic views
  • Great Restaurants
  • Best Buffalo Mozzarella ever - visit a farm!
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Beaches are not too busy
  • Trips to the inland also recommended
  • Amalfi Coast and Capri are overrun by tourists but worth a day or two.

The Alps

2017 07 16 Schönau 012.jpg


Beautiful Mountains

In 2017 I returned to the Alps, one of my favorite places to visit. This year I met some close friends for a week in Berchtesgaden and then went to Lake Garda for the first time. The Alps vacation ended with a week in Garmisch before I drove back to Frankfurt to spend some time with family.

Gosh, my return in 2019 was quite an awakening. Yes, still a ton of wonderful places to visit, BUT sights like Neuschwanstein are just so overrun with visitors that it is no more fun. What a disappointement. My future visits will not include any of the main tourist attractions and I will stick to a more relaxed off the path type of visit. I am really heartbroken about what is happening there.

About the Alps

I prefer to visit the Alps in the summer but that's because I do not know how to ski and really do not like cold weather.

  • Wonderful vistas
  • Food I am used to
  • Love to swim in the lakes
  • Reasonable prices (if you know where to go)
  • You are forced to walk
  • Tourist attractions, however, are not fun anymore

Portugal 2014

2014 07 01 Sintra - Palacio da Pena 006.JPG


Vacation in the Algarve

After a three day stay in Sintra with my nice and tons of sightseeing, we met up with two friends to spend a couple of weeks in Lagos which is located in the Algarve region of Portugal along the Atlantic Coast.

About the Algarve

The Algarve is the southern most region of mainland Portugal.

  • Everyone speaks English
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Cool Atlantic Ocean water
  • Exquisite, picturesque coastline
  • Try a Filet on a Stone
  • Some areas are overdeveloped and feel empty

Thailand 2015

2015 06 27 Leaving Phuket Weekend Night Market 02.JPG


Vacation on Phuket

Joined my brother and his family for a vacation on Phuket. While June/July is the "green" (rainy) season you get plenty of sunshine. The climate is tropical humid.

While most people will opt to stay in a resort we opted to rent a villa with pool and maid service which was probably a lot cheaper and gave us much more flexibility.

About Phuket

The island is a favorite vacation destination for Europeans and Australians.

  • Fabulous food
  • Very friendly people
  • Modern Stores
  • Low Cost Shopping (Groceries)
  • Watch the traffic


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Lupe Tortilla

Houston may be the best place to eat Tex Mex and the restaurant that I would recommend is Lupe Tortilla. There are several locations in Houston and maybe there is one near where you are staying. I highly recommend the Fajitas. If you plan to have more than two Margaritas I would advise you to take a cab. Seriously... Unfortunately "Es Preety Expensive" now - they raised their prices quite a bit in the last few years.

Travel Insured

A USAA recommeded company that provides travel insurance. I have had one claim and they paid off. At a time when you see so many insurance companies try to weasel out of having to pay benefits, they came through.

Auto FX Software

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I have used this service for many years and I am quite satisfied with their products and "discounted" pricing. If you want to take your digital photos to printed medium then this service will not disappoint. I particularly use their service for photo books which make great presents and allow me to have a printed collection with stories for the best pictures I take in the course of a year.

I have had a few photobooks that had flaws but was able to have them redone without any issues or cost.

Wait for the 50% discounts or even unlimited free pages for best pricing and check out Shutterfly. They have increased prices on photobooks in recent years so wait for the discounts because regular prices are just crazy.

Vanessa Seuffert

My cousin Vanessa is also into taking photos. She is following her dream. Visit her at vanessaseuffert.com.

Looking forward to hear from you